Christian “Ty2si” Avecedo- (Provo Owner)

Originally I started cutting hair in Southern California halfway through my sophomore year of high school back in 2010. To stay out of trouble I became homeschooled even though no one believed I would graduate. As a result I turned to barbering so I could stay in touch with my boys. After realizing my passion for creating clean cuts, I moved to Utah where I’ve been for the past 3 years perfecting my craft and acquiring a career. Many have tried to prove that I’m wasting my time, but I’ve noticed that those have been the people that aren’t willing to take a chance for something great and have ended up with nothing to show for it.
I’ve always wanted to be a role model in my community. So after having the chance to work with and meet some of the biggest names in Barbering, I’ve recognized me and them have something in common. Something Boneyard Barbering stands for. Bringing culture to the community and helping people feel better about themselves.


Diana Meza

I am originally from California. I moved  to Utah to go to barber school; I decided to stay and enforce my skills as a barber. I am very passionate with what I do, I love making my clients feel like straight gold when they walk out of my chair. Being a barber is my passion and making my clients feel great and look great is my goal.


Elisha Acevedo

My name is Elisha but many call me PEACHES. The reason why I became a esthetician is because I have felt the insecurities of my own skin and felt that I had no where to turn for help. I feel like many of us have grown up without being properly educated on how to treat our skin and it’s potential. Just like how the difference of one good haircut can make all the difference in the world, having a service for your skin will make that difference as well. As I have pursued perfecting this service, my motivation to help others has brought me here. 



Kenia Teno

I'm originally from Mexico, but grew up in Oakland, California. I've been living in Utah for about 7 years now, going to USU, then Paul Mitchell in Logan. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a passion for hairstyling and all that and I aspired to be a hairstylist one day.  Once in Cosmetology school, I fell in love with the barbering aspect of it and ever since then, it's been my passion and honestly my happy place. I love everything about this industry and how it's constantly evolving. I love how a quality haircut can bring a smile and more confidence to a guy and I work hard to bring that to every single client I meet! I'm always looking to try different designs/cuts and push my limits creatively to improve everyday!